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OSA Virtual Reunion Dinner 2021

Due to the ongoing pandemic, this year’s OSA Reunion Dinner will be virtual. At 6:30 pm on Saturday, February 6th 2021, please join us on YouTube for a 30-minute video that aims to recreate the evening as much as possible.

If you are unable to watch the premiere on Saturday evening, the video will remain on YouTube for on-demand viewing.

There will be a virtual social meeting on Wednesday, February 17th 2021 at 6:30 pm. Please fill in this form if you would like to attend this meeting:

2021 Reunion Dinner – important information

Unfortunately the 2021 OSA Reunion Dinner has been cancelled. A short video will be premiered on the OSA YouTube channel on the 6th February, the intended date of the dinner. The below letter from Dick Corbett Winder, current president of the OSA, contains more information:

Dear Friends,

Sadly but predictably, the current pandemic means that the OSA annual dinner scheduled to be held in the RAF Club on 6 February 2021 has had to be cancelled. I know just how much we will miss this annual opportunity for Old Shebbearians to meet, reminisce and catch up with long standing friends and news from the school. However, the association is very keen to make sure we can all keep in touch despite this setback and is, therefore, looking to organise an online event for that night which reflects OSA Dinner traditions as far as possible.
We aim to do this through a short YouTube production which will follow the normal programme of our gatherings and contain film material about the school, short speeches by the Head, Head Girl and Head Boy and from me as this year’s president. We hope to end with the school song sung by current students, which, even if performed with less gusto, promises to be more melodic than our annual post dinner rendition.
The event will be premiered on YouTube at 6:30pm on 6th February and be available thereafter for those who cannot make the launch. We also hope to arrange an online discussion for Old Shebbearians following the dinner in mid-February and are working on the details of how this will be organised.
We are, of course, planning on a post-pandemic, conventional dinner for 2022 and have already reserved the RAF Club for Saturday 5th February that year. Meanwhile we will keep you up to date with details for the upcoming event on 6th February 2021. Could I ask you all please to make a note of that date and, if possible, join us on YouTube that evening at 6:30pm?

With very best wishes

Dick Corbett Winder

112th OSA Reunion Dinner

Old Shebbearians enjoying dinner at the RAF Club

The 112th OSA Reunion Dinner, held on Saturday 1st February 2020, was a well-attended event and President, Philip Daniel, was pleased to give a warm welcome to the new head, Caroline Kirby, and her husband Robert, as well as the other guests, Ashley Barlow (Head of Art), Ben Hilton (Head of St Petroc’s) and head boy and head girl, Robin Dalton and Jess Biggs.

He went on to speak fondly of the recently passed Dick Birch, who was head of history and deputy head in Philip’s time at the school. He also thanked Simon Weale for all his hard work and wished him well in his new post in India. He said how much he had enjoyed the opportunity to visit the College and was grateful for the support of Paul Lockyer (Chairman) and the rest of the committee throughout his time in office.

He had learnt much about how the OSA supports the school and had particularly enjoyed the events he had attended, including the visit of artist Jeremy Annear, the production of Fiddler on the Roof, the Leavers’ Service, the 6th Form Dinner, various sporting events and, of course, Speech Day.

He closed by appealing to those present at the Dinner to consider attending the regularly held committee meetings and to offer ideas of fund raising to ensure ongoing support for the College going forward.

Mrs Kirby then responded, concentrating on giving her early impressions of the school, and in particular of the Shebbear weather, which was at its worst when she came for interview. She continued with some amusing anecdotes about several of the staff, Mr Barlow and Mr Butler in particular, before reminding Mike Tucker (who taught for many years at our rival school) that the 1st XV had defeated West Buckland for the fourth consecutive year in 2019.

She closed by giving huge thanks for the support of the OSA and assured all present that she would be dedicated to ensuring that the interests of the College and the OSA would be at the heart of every decision she made in her time Shebbear.

Then Robin Dalton and Jess Biggs gave a glowing report of the school year with its range of social, sporting and academic successes, before Dick Corbett-Winder was confirmed as President and Oliver Sinden as Vice President for 2020.

2019 OSA President Philip Daniel, Head Girl Jess Biggs, Shebbear Colelge Headteacher Caroline Kirby, Head Boy Robin Dalton (l-r)

2020 Reunion Dinner tickets now available

Tickets are now on sale for the 2020 Dinner, to be held on Saturday 1st February 2020. Please go to the 112th OSA Reunion Dinner event page to see full details and to buy your ticket. Online credit card payment is available.

111th OSA Reunion Dinner Report

Once again the OSA Dinner held at the RAF Club in London was well attended, with more than 80 Old Shebbearians and guests enjoying an evening of good company and excellent speeches.

Mark Saltmarsh, the outgoing President, opened his speech by saying how much he had enjoyed his year in office, highlighted by a number of events at the school including Speech Day, the Rounsefell Dinner, various sporting events and a 90s reunion which he had organised.

He then outlined how OSA funds had been used over the last few years to support the school in a wide variety of ways from bringing cricketers from Barbados to scholarships for 6th Formers.

He recalled his own days at the College – memories which, he said, would remain with him and which he brings with him every day.

Simon Weale then responded in what was to be his last speech at the Dinner as headmaster. Once again, he made some very amusing references to the secretary – highlighting (as if it needed to be) his age in particular.

Moving on to more serious matters , Simon referred to the importance in this past year of the College remembering the Armistice of 1918 and the sacrifice made by so many Old Shebbearians. Academic achievements were then highlighted, sporting successes next and even reference to the extreme weather in Shebbear – snow for the first time in five years and thirty consecutive days in the summer with no rain!

Finally, Simon thanked the Shebbearians for their hospitality and friendship over the years and handed over to Will Bromell and Antonia Aliberti, both of whom spoke enthusiastically about the College.

Jim Hancock then responded making some amusing references to his days at College and after the incoming President, Philip Daniel had accepted his chain of office, everyone adjourned to the bar.

Reunion Dinner only four weeks away

The 111th OSA Reunion Dinner  is only four weeks away, on Saturday 19th January 2019. Buy your tickets online now from the event page to reserve your place.

You can also collect a silk OSA tie at the Dinner which can be purchased in the OSA Shop.

2019 Reunion Dinner tickets now available

Tickets are now on sale for the 2019 Dinner, to be held on Saturday 19th January 2019. Please go to the 111th OSA Reunion Dinner event page to see full details and to buy your ticket. Online credit card payment is available, or you can pay by bank transfer or cheque.

2018 – 110th OSA Reunion Dinner Report

Once again this year there was an excellent attendance of more than ninety Old Shebbearians at the annual Reunion Dinner held at the RAF Club in London.

Guests Ian Burnett, recently retired history and English teacher, and Claire Cardoo, long serving maths teacher, were there to hear the words of the association’s first female President, Kay Giddy.

Kay thanked the committee for their support throughout her year in office and went on to say how much she had enjoyed attending a number of events back at College, not least Speech Day when she took to the stage with another Old Shebbearian, Paul Lockyer.

The main thrust of her speech however, was to promote and explain the importance of the OSA Scholarship Fund, which is in need of ongoing support and is, at the moment, helping four pupils through the 6 th Form at Shebbear.

Kay finished with a plea for more females to take an active role in the OSA reminding everyone that the College is fully co-ed and has been for a number of years.

Headmaster Simon Weale then responded on behalf of the school, giving an extremely positive report on the numerous successes, both on the sports field and in the classroom and thoroughly endorsing Kay’s comments when referring to the success of the girls’ hockey and netball teams and, of course, for the benefit of a certain OS, a reminder that the 1 st XV had beaten West Buckland for the second year running.

Head boy, Jabez Weale and head girl, Heather Mathews then gave their view of the last twelve months – Jabez wondering whether, given recent results, we might get to play the whole of Buckland this year, rather than just West!

Finally, Lydia Scambler, a relatively recent leaver, responded on behalf of the association, and commented on how lucky she had been to attend the College and the importance of the association in helping her to keep in touch with her contemporaries.

Andy Bryan

2017 – 109th OSA Reunion Dinner Report

Eighty Old Shebbearians gathered at the RAF Club in London on Saturday 14th January for their annual Reunion Dinner and President Paul Lockyer said he was proud to have served the association, even though he had not attended as many events as he would have liked.

He went on to explain that the annual subscription paid by the members helped to support such diverse activities as Ten Tors, Engineering courses, overseas sports scholarships and the 5th and 6th Form Proms.

Headmaster, Simon Weale, then gave an extremely positive and typically humorous report on the past year, highlighting excellent results for both 1st XV rugby and 1st XI girls’ hockey over West Buckland and then head girl, Lucy Taylor and head boy, Harry Dymond spoke about their new 6th Form Centre and the Music Centre as well as thanking the OSA for the new first team netball kit.

Chris Hale responded on behalf of the OSA, reflecting on his time at the College, before most retired to the bar to share more of their memories of college life.

Finally, the association’s first female President, Kay Giddy, said she was very much looking forward to her year in office.

Andy Bryan



2016 – 108th OSA Reunion Dinner Report

The 108th Reunion Dinner proved to be a great success as more than 100 Shebbearians attended and enjoyed an evening of good company and entertaining speeches.

Apart from the headmaster, Simon Weale and his wife, Rebecca, the guests included the recently retired Head of Boarding, Lin Quirk, Head of Music, Kevin Parker and a Shebbearian still very much involved in the life of the college, Ted Lott.

Numbers were cIMG_6493ertainly boosted this year by the attendance of a group of more than twenty Shebbearians who attended the college in the 1970s and, as the pictures show, they certainly seemed to enjoy their evening.





President, Andrew Friend, said that he had very much enjoyed his year in office and felt that much stronger links had been forged between the OSA and school in recent times.

Simon Weale endorsed Andrew’s views and thanked him for his work during his year as President and then went on to give a most favourable report on the school in what had been, at times, a difficult year. He looked forward to developing even more the link between the OSA and college.

After the Head Boy, Ross Bennett and Head Girl, Abby Selwyn had given their speech, Paul Lockyer was given the President’s chain and KayGiddy accepted her nomination as Vice-President for 2016.

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