Over 100 years ago almost three hundred Shebbearians enlisted to fight in the First World War. By the end of the war, forty eight Old Shebbearians had lost their lives and many more were to bear the physical and mental scars of the horrors of war for the rest of their days.

In 1924 Shebbearians came together to honour the memory of these sacrifices by founding a Scholarship Fund . The Scholarship Fund continues to uphold the memory of those who died in both World Wars. Its original purpose was to help one or two Shebbearians each year into higher education. This was at a time when very little financial help was available meaning only a very small proportion of young people had the opportunity to go to university.

More recently, the Fund has expanded its role. Recognising the huge difference that a Shebbear education can bring, the Fund’s purpose is now to contribute towards the fees of talented and deserving young people who, because of their family circumstances, would not have the opportunity to attend or stay at Shebbear College.

The trustees decided 3 years ago to focus the financial support that the Fund can give to enable either existing pupils, or those in the local area at schools which do not have 6th Forms, to attend Shebbear for the two 6th Form years. Over the last 3 years the objective has been to provide substantial means tested scholarships for at least one new sixth form entrant every year and we have supported 7 pupils over this period who would not otherwise have been able to attend Shebbear during their last two school years. All have contributed greatly to school life, both academically and through their participation in the other activities the school offers.

In order to provide this financial support the Fund generates income from a portfolio of investments, but mainly from voluntary regular donations from less than 30 OS members. To continue to expand the Fund’s impact on the lives of deserving young people we need more donors and the ongoing support and generosity of Old Shebbearians.

Shebbearians gave generously back in 1924 and the Trustees ask, if you would like to make a real difference by giving a life changing opportunity to a young person and – importantly – to remember all those Old Shebbearians killed in war, that you consider making a contribution to the Fund.

Most regular donors contribute between £10 and £15 per month and annual donors £50 to £100.

Thank you in anticipation of your support to enable us to increase the bursaries we can offer to successful applicants for a 6th Form scholarship. Every contribution helps.

Full details of how to set up a standing order are included in the form below:

Old Shebbearians’ Scholarship Fund Standing Order Form